COVID-19 Safety Support - Main Street Recovery Project

COVID-19 Safety Support

Protecting your customers and staff from COVID-19 is critical to a successful business reboot, and in the Toolkit below you’ll find detailed, practical guides and strategies for sanitizing, disinfecting and social distancing, so your business can make a safe, clean comeback.

Preventing COVID-19: a guide to preventing COVID-19 in the workplace

Presented by Dallas Mercer, President & CEO, DMC
Includes topics such as employer responsibilities, employee rights, risk assessments, mitigation plans and customers’ trust.

Mitigation Plan Checklist
Risk Assessment Table (Completed Sample)
Risk Assessment Table (Blank Editable)

Download PDF of the Presentation

Clean It Right Training Program

Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador is pleased to announce the launch of the, Clean It Right Training Program, an online, self-study and virtual classroom training program to increase the safety of guests, visitors and workforce in the Tourism, Hospitality and Retail Industry.

COVID-19 Work Safe Course

This course provides simple, practical instruction on how to reduce the risk of catching or spreading COVID-19 in the workplace

Make a Clean Comeback

It is critical we understand the importance of strong occupational health and safety rules. Workers need a guarantee that their health and safety will not be compromised. Here are 10 tips to help employers keep their employees safe at work.